Urban Dahlia

Urban Dahlia is a floral design studio by appointment only, focusing on events, weddings and parties.

Elizabeth Rivera 
Floral Designer & Founder

Elizabeth Rivera has been working as a professional floral designer for ten years. Combining her lifelong love of flowers and nature with her background in sculpture, she founded Urban Dahlia in 2003 with a partner in New York City, and then revived the business after returning to the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Liz loves working with local flowers and natural materials, going out foraging with her dog Paco in the hills and forests. She draws inspiration from her surroundings, and has a passion for objects found in nature, mossy tree limbs, wood stumps, and anything with an interesting shape. She enjoys working with each individual client, melding the clients vision with her own to create magnificent floral arrangements for any occasion.

Phone: 917.650.6438
Location: San Francisco Bay Area